• Our brains are changing throughout our lives
  • The more we do something, the easier it becomes because the brain changes itself to make it easier
Our brains are not formed completely when we're born. They are created based on what we experience. It's not just our genes, it's our environment too. Our biology and our experiences work together to create our intelligence, emotions, and outlook on life. And our experiences physically sculpt our brain. So, by making effort, we can learn and achieve more and experience greater success and happiness. When we as learners understand this (it's called the incremental view of intelligence), we actually perform better (Rattan, Good, & Dweck, 2012; Shively & Ryan, 2012).

In fact, even people who have had large sections of their brains removed can still learn and do things you would never expect. This is because the brain adapts based on how it is used.

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